UFC 101 Predictions

27 07 2009

Hey guys!

UFC 101:  Declaration is coming up in August 8th in Philadelphia, so I figured considering the most I’m doing right now is sitting on my butt, I might as well give my predictions for the event. Enjoy!

BJ Penn Vs. Kenny Florian (for the UFC Lightweight Championship) – Interesting match up here, because despite Penn being better than “KenFlo” on several aspects of the MMA game (crisp striking, god-like BJJ, great takedowns, and a killer instinct that’ll make Jason Voorhees jealous), there’s still a question mark on “The Prodigy’s” cardio and motivation, which I’ve been seeing from Kenny lately. Kenny’s been known to push the pace of a fight and still be fresh, and not only is this the second time he’s fighting for a title shot, this fight is all about Kenny “killing the master” in BJ Penn. Plus it’s been reported that Florian’s been training with GSP in preparation for this fight. This fight has potential for an upset, so I’m going with Kenny winning in the fourth round via (T)KO.

Anderson Silva Vs. Forrest Griffin – After his last two uneventful championship fights in the 185 division, Anderson Silva makes his return to the 205 division  to face former Light Heavyweight champion in Forrest Griffin. As much as I like to see Forrest Griffin come out with an upset like he did with Shogun, Anderson is just on a different level and, barring some injury, will probably put on a clinic en route to a unanimous decision that will make people forget about his last two fights. Sorry, Forrest! I hope you prove me wrong tho’!

Amir Sadollah Vs. Johny Hendricks – Tough call. Amir had to drop out of his first two fights due to injury, so it’s hard to say how much time he’s put in the gym, plus I’ve heard some things about Hendricks’ ground game. I’m just gonna go with my gut on this one and say Amir keeps the fight standing and wins via (T)KO in the 2nd.

Kendall Grove Vs. Ricardo Almeida – Kendall’s been on a roll, and I can’t see “Big Dog” stopping it anytime soon. “Da Spyder’s” long reach and decent ground game is gonna cause problems for Almeida and I see him being awarded a decision win.

Josh Neer Vs. Kurt Pellegrino – Don’t know a lot about these two, so….

*takes coin from pocket*

*flips it*

Ok, heads. Kurt wins. Submission in the 3rd round.

Well, here’s my predictions, let’s see if I’m right! *crosses fingers*





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