Training Log #2

15 08 2009

Wow, what crazy week of training! I remember during my first year of doing this that I was going to two classes a week, but now that I have to bring up my cardio I’m going to a strength and conditioning class once a week. Suffice to say, my legs have been killing me for the last couple of days since doing striking and conditioning on the same day. They are feeling better today, still sore in same places, but I can still walk. Damn, the things I put myself through to get stronger.

Anyway, last Tuesday was pretty easy for me, just worked on a new takedown which I’m sure is a judo throw called “Tani Otoshi” or Valley Drop, followed by getting from side mount to full mount, followed by forcing the opponent to give up their back before finishing with a rear naked choke. Nothing too crazy, and I came out of that class without any injuries.

Thursday, on the other hand, was a test of my gameness, my heart. The initial warm up was more of a work out, with using a skipping rope, jogging, and what would be my least favorite exercise; wind sprints. Because I ended up getting tired and forced to slow down, the coach made me go through two more laps. So in addition to five laps, I did twelve more laps of wind sprints. So yeah, I was sucking wind after that. Then, we carried a heavy bag and walked around the mat for three, one minute intervals before slamming it on the ground.

Soon after, we worked on striking on the heavy bag while standing over it, pretending to keep ourselves from being nailed with an upkick, and when there’s ten seconds left, we threw a flying elbow followed by several straight punches from mount. After three rounds of this, we worked on being on the bottom, practicing upkicks while our partner was holding a thai pad.

The next drill I was put through involving standing over our partner while he was holding a thai pad and he was trying to control our knees and hips and keeping us from throwing decent punches on the pad. I was doing decently while standing over my partner until I realized I could hold the guys legs and control him so I could throw those punches without any problems. Too bad my partner didn’t clue in to this while he was standing over me, because I kept him from throwing any half-decent punches because I controlled him with ease.

Anyway, after that, we did more wind sprints, and guess who did two more? Yup, me! At the end of the class, I was sore as hell, sucking wind and trying to get all the oxygen I could.

Now, you’d think that this is where the entry ends. I was pushed, and I came through. I would’ve just went home, happy to get an intense workout as I watched TV and ate junk food. But I didn’t. I stayed over at the mall for a bit, and then went back for conditioning class.

For those who don’t understand how intense these classes are, let me put it this way: MMA conditioning classes would make your high school gym classes feel like a friendly game of “Duck, Duck, Goose”.  No surprise there, you’re training to be a fighter after all, so you gotta train your body to handle the intensity of an MMA bout.

The class involves circuits; one minute intervals at a station that involves an exercise, whether it’s ground and pound, bag work, shadowboxing with 5lb weights, etc.. Well, one of stations that was during this circuit involved an old friend from this afternoon. Yup, you guessed it, wind sprints. Not only that, it also involved wall jumps (getting on your hands and feet and putting your feet up on the wall twice) before doing the sprints. So, after the class, I was limping home, sore as hell, but happy to show myself how far I could push myself.

Test: Passed.

– PH




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