10 People Who Need To Be CroCop’d (In No Order)

25 08 2009

Nowadays I see a lot of people, mostly in pop culture, who just annoy the everything out of me, and I’m sure that they annoy the general populace  as well. So as a service to mankind, I have created a list of 10 people who deserve who get CroCop’d (For the casual MMA fans, and people who have no clue what I’m talking about, getting CroCop’d means getting a shin upside the noggin’. This is made famous by Croation MMA fighter Mirko CroCop, who was known for knocking his opponents out with, you guessed it, a head kick.) So here it comes: the list!

  1. Perez Hilton – Why? Because that slap he got from Will.I.Am’s (of Black Eyed Peas fame) manager hasn’t got him to stop running that poor excuse for a website, maybe getting a shin to his fat head will. Plus, he kinda compared himself to Rihanna when people said that he deserved it, saying “Did Rihanna deserve it when she got beaten up by Chris Brown?” No. Mainly because Rihanna is a talented singer. You just annoy people.
  2. Stephanie Meyer – For completely screwing up how people look at vampires now. Back then, when people had vampire movies like Dracula, Interview with A Vampire, Blade, and others, vampires were looked at as bloodsucking, card-carrying bad asses who demanded respect. Now, thanks to Stephanie Meyer’s series of impromptu toilet paper, now vampires are looked at as sparkling emo sissies. Thanks, Mrs. Meyer, thanks a ton. Oh, and could you do me a favor and tell all those damn fangirls that Edward Cullen doesn’t exist? It’s hard enough getting a date when getting compared to that dipstick!
  3. Robert Pattinson – See above.
  4. Jonas Brothers – If I really have to explain myself, then apparently you haven’t seen the South Park episode regarding the Jonas Brothers. Simply put, the whole “purity ring” business is just a way to sell sex without all the public knowing it. To quote Russell Brand on this subject: “As long as those rings are on their hands, no one will know where those hands have been going.” (Did he actually say that? Haven’t a clue. I remember him saying it during a comedy show but I can’t find the exact quote, so bite me)
  5. People who wear “TapOut”, “Affliction”, or any fight shirts but don’t train – To clarify, I don’t mind people walking around with those type of shirts, not at all. It’s the people who wear those shirts and try to pass off as a fighter. Fighter posers, basically. This annoys me to no end. Guys, if you wanna wear a “TapOut” shirt and call yourself a fighter, make someone in your gym tap out!
  6. People with crappy cars that have spoilers, body kits, etc. – Seriously? Why waste your money on a crappy car like a Dodge Neon in hopes of making it look like a reject from “The Fast And The Furious”? Sorry, but the only thing you guys are succeeding in doing is making yourselves looking like tools.
  7. Jack Thompson – Only the hardcore gamers will know who this guy is and why he deserves to be on here.
  8. Paris Hilton – *sigh* She’s given more reasons to get CroCop’d in her daily life than I care to write down: being famous for being the daughter of a owner of a crappy line of hotels, putting out a crappy sex tape, being a crappy singer, being a crappy actress. See the trend? Good.
  9. Lady Gaga – Ok, I will admit that her song “Just Dance” is catchy as hell, but half the time she looks like a drug addict. Plus there have been rumors about her having “mixed nuts”. And I’m not talking about almonds and cashews.
  10. Chris Brown – I cannot, and will not, condone violence against women. At all. Therefore, not only does Chris Brown deserve to get CroCop’d, but he should also have Cheick Kongo knee him in the groin a couple of times.

So, that’s it! Hopefully you guys enjoyed this list!




2 responses

4 09 2009
you know who

…. stephanie meyer, good author.

and you looooooooooooove lady gaga so just give it up Phil 😛

4 09 2009

Hey! I only said that “Just Dance” is catchy, that doesn’t mean I love Lady Gaga. And I know who this is too, ya silly goof 😛

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