Training Log #3

25 08 2009

Hey Everyone!

Just got back from jujitsu training today. Got a nice workout and had the chance to practice some stuff that I already knew.  Here’s how it went!

After a nice warm up, we first started the class working on sweeps that we knew from our back (sit-up sweeps, scissor sweeps, butterfly sweeps, etc). I’ve noticed that my sit-up sweeps were quick and clean, but I have to work on some of the other ones. After that, we worked on any guard passes that we knew, which I felt needed a bit more work. Luckily, I got a “Ultimate MMA” magazine a couple of weeks ago that has some potent guard passes that are worth studying for next time.

Next, we worked on very light rolling (the jujitsu term for sparring). Little to no resistance, just working on submissions, submission escapes, transitions, sweeps, just working on proper technique. I impressed my partner (who was a blue belt) with nice armbar escape that I learned from “FIGHT” magazine a couple of months ago. Here’s a youtube video of BJ Penn doing it (it’s the second one, and also I don’t own the video or created it in any way. Yeah lame, I know, but would you want to piss BJ off? I wouldn’t!):

Anyway, we then worked on an escape from the half guard to taking someone’s back. Given my size, I had some trouble with this, but after a few more tries, I got used to it. It’s helpful because I don’t know a lot of moves from half guard so I’m gonna go over it in my head tonight until I’m sure that I could do it without any problems. Soon after, we did a drill that involved the guy on top to pass guard and the guy on bottom to either sweep or submit. Unfortunately, I didn’t fare so well, but then again, my failures allow me to learn and improve myself further.

Well, with that, the class was over. Yeah, I know it’s not much, so I’m gonna add a little something different for you guys!




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