MMA (Mighty Morphin’ Arts)

31 08 2009
(Photo Courtesy Of Suckerpunch Entertainment)

(Photo Courtesy Of Suckerpunch Entertainment)

No, that is not a photoshop. Yes, the tattooed guy in the pic used to be the Green Power Ranger. Yes, I’m a sucker for nostalgia.

As the above picture would suggest, Jason David Frank (of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers fame) has decided to make the jump from being a costumed pop culture icon to a MMA fighter, and considering I grew up watching the Power Rangers when I was young, this was probably the coolest bit of MMA related news that I’ve heard in the longest time. Well, that and Fred Ettish coming back to the cage and getting a win, 15 years after getting the living bejebus beaten out of him at UFC 2, but I digress.

From what I read from his interview (which can be found by clicking on the picture above), he sounds like a wicked striker (creating his own martial art and training with Master Toddy), but there’s a bit of a question mark on his ground game and takedown defence. Sure, he’s got a blue belt with Gracie Barra (spelled out as Gracie Baja in the interview, as not to confuse anyone), but there’s the quesion of whether or not he could handle his own in a MMA fight should it hit the ground. And competing in MMA at the age of 35 doesn’t help his chances of victory (although, guys like Randy Couture have proved many critics wrong).

Suffice to say,  there has been quite an influx of celebrities, sports athletes, etc. that are making the jump to MMA. And while some have seen loads of success (see: Brock Lesnar), others have basically crashed and burn (see: Jose Canceco). Where do I think the former Green Ranger stands? Honesty, I hope he has a nice career, maybe even gets a title in the process. Do I see him in the UFC? Unlikely. But stranger things have happened in MMA.

Oh, and for those who think he’ll go out like Canceco, consider this: Jose is bigger than Jason, and there’s a youtube video of Jason whooping the former slugger during sparring. And Jason won’t be fighting Hong Man Choi, either.




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