I Pity The Rampage!

9 09 2009
I dunno. Seeing Jackson with a mohawk doesnt seem right....

"I pity the fool!" *Rampage howl*

So unless you’ve been hiding underneath a rock, then you might have heard the news about Quinton “Rampage” Jackson taking the role of BA Baracus in the upcoming remake of the 80’s TV show “The A-Team”.  It’s strange how so many MMA fighters as of late have been working on blockbusters (Cung Le in “Fighting”, Roger Huerta in “Tekken”, etc.), also while taking several months before fighting again.

In Rampage’s case, his December 12th fight with rival TUF 10 coach Rashad Evans is expected to be pushed back three months (meaning that the two will fight sometime early 2010) and will mostly likely be featured on the UFC Primetime program. Which means that there is going to be a LOT of hype being put behind this fight. Think about it, first TUF 10 (which will premire in less than 10 days), than UFC Primetime. Whether or not this will be a good thing is still hard to say, but whether or not it’ll be worth it will depend on how entertaining the fight is.

You know what? No, it’s not worth it. Twelve weeks of pre-fight hype without a fight is gonna be costly for the UFC. And using UFC Primetime to try to keep the fans interested in this fight is too risky. Let’s just hope this isn’t gonna end up like Shamrock/Severn 2, or else there’s probably gonna be a riot.

And if that does happen, don’t expect the rest of the A-Team to come in and save the day.




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