Training Log #4

15 09 2009

Another week, another couple of days worth of training. Can’t write too much because I’m at work, but I wanted to fill you guys in on what went on during my classes instead of writing another editorial.

Last Tuesday I went in for BJJ class and we worked on escaping/reversing submissions, something that I found to be extremely productive and helpful because it allowed me to use technique to escape instead of just brute force.

The whole gist of the class was that we would think up of an escape from a submission and then show it to the class. It was great because I figured out several escapes from armbars and triangle chokes, but there’s one submission that I’m sure I will research an escape for: the omoplata. My favorite move, but I wanna figure out how to escape it if I ever have it applied on me.


Next Thursday, I went for “Striking for MMA” and I realized that it was just me and the coach, which is great because it allowed me to work some things that I was lacking, which happen to be proper defense and footwork. I can hold my own during sparring, but when someone comes at me with a flurry of punches, I end up covering up and just going backwards, which would lead me to having my back up against the wall and ready to be punished.

So what we worked on was me taking a step back and circling away from his power while popping the jab out to keep him away. What this does it forces the guy to reset but I’ve noticed that it creates an angle, an opening, for a counter-attack or a takedown.

After working on this for a bit, we worked on proper footwork. Moving forward, back, left and right, all while keeping my feet from crossing or getting to close together. Also, we worked on making sure that I could mirror my opponent’s movements, try to get him to move where I want. This went over great and I feel that I could finally get the footwork down. After finishing up with two 2 minute rounds of a jab-right straight combo, and 2 two minutes round of thai kicks, we ended the class.




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