Controversial Decisions: MMA’s Human Error

25 10 2009

So UFC 104 just passed by and while Lyoto Machida was able to keep his title via a unanimous decision, there has been some (and by some, I mean A LOT) of controversy surrounding the decision. Now, considering I haven’t seen the fight yet (and going to the MMA forums in the internet would be useless because forums are always ripe with bias), and also I can’t judge MMA fights worth beans anyway, I’m not gonna comment on the fight. I am, however, going to comment on the idea of controversial decisions in MMA.

As far as I can tell, controversial decisions in MMA are about as annoying to a fan as an early stoppage, but obviously, fights that end in decisions that leave people scratching their heads and wonder if the judges were too distracted by the ring girls to accurately score the fight (Hey, I know I get distracted by the ring girls myself, so I can’t blame them)  are few and far between. Which is the probably the reason why fights like Machida/Rua have fans going batshit crazy than an early stoppage.

Now, while I would like to see controversial decisions disappear faster than Criss Angel owing child support, it’s not gonna happen. Even if we change the 10 point must scoring system, it’s still not gonna happen. In fact, the only way I could see this happening is to replace the judges with robots. Sounds ridiculous, right? But that’s what you would have to do to remedy such a problem.

As long as the judges have working organs, messed up decisions are gonna happen, no matter how well trained the judges are. Because each judge is gonna have a different perspective on the fight. One judge would say Fighter A would win a round because he scored takedowns and controlled the fight, but another judge would say Fighter B won the round due to aggression and effective striking.

Granted, there may be some way to keep these decisions down to a bare minimum, but as much as people like UFC president Dana White want to get rid of controversial decisions altogether, it’s impossible unless we teach robots to judge MMA fights, or get rid of the time limits.




One response

25 10 2009

Neither fighter was all that outstanding. Rua was landing a lot of crucial leg and body kicks, but would pay for it by getting punched in the head. I saw Rua stumbled and get a little rocked by Machida’s hands a couple of times and in the full-blown exchanges (all 3 of them) Machida was getting the better. HOWEVER, Machida did not press the action, nor did Rua for that matter. He just threw leg kicks and a couple of body kicks. Also, Rua’s body was the colour pink for all five rounds as well as Machida’s. I don’t think the DECISION was as bad, but it should’ve been ruled a no-contest. Fortunately, there WILL be a rematch.

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