UFC 105 Predictions!

11 11 2009

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Ok, so considering the other url has been a bit flaky, I’m going to use this url again from now on. So anyone who goes back to this url will indeed find new content posted, including this one! So let’s do it!

Normally, I don’t do predictions for upcoming UFC events since crashing and burning on UFC 101, but I figured that I might as well give it another shot and see how it works out for UFC 105!

Randy Couture -vs- Brandon Vera: This is a match I could file under the “Weird Match-Up, But Still Intriguing Nonetheless” files, no doubt. This fight is intriguing for the simple reason that it’s the classic “Youth vs Experience” type of battle that will pit Vera’s speed and agility against Couture’s grit and cage intelligence. Knowing Randy, he’ll be able to muscle Brandon up against the cage and use his Greco-Roman/dirty boxing combo to pick “The Truth” apart. Brandon’s good, no doubt about it, his Mauy Thai could cause a problem for his opponent, and plus Father Time may catch up to Randy, but then again, we all said that about Randy how many times? I got Randy winning by decision.

Prediction: Couture by decision.

Mike Swick -vs- Dan Hardy: Hmmm, tough one to call. I gained a lot of respect for Dan Hardy when he defend the sport after professional boxer Bernard Hopkins made fun of it, and he seems to come off as an intelligent speaker, but he’s been untested as a fighter. And fighting someone like Mike Swick who’s only lost one fight in the UFC is basically going headfirst into a brick wall. I expect Swick to blitzkrieg his way into a second round (T)KO.

Prediction: Swick by (T)KO 2nd Round.

Micheal Bisping -vs- Denis Kang: I haven’t seen a lot of Kang but what I’ve been seeing from his UFC tenure, I haven’t been impressed. Then again, Bisping just got through a highlight reel KO from Dan Henderson, bringing his confidence into question, so it’s pretty much a coin flip on who could keep their act together. Given Bisping’s experience in the UFC, I give Bisping the edge and he’ll use his counter-striking en route to a decision.

Prediction: Bisping by decision.

James Wilks -vs- Matt Brown: In a fight that pits a grappler vs a striker, you have to give the edge to the grappler. James Wilks, the Welterweight winner of “The Ultimate Fighter Season 9”, showed some solid submission skills in his victory at the finale, something that Matt Brown has been suspect to, losing a fight to eventual middleweight winner Amir Sadollah during TUF 7 to a triangle choke. My call? Wilks via submission, first round.

Prediction: Wilks by Submission 1st Round.

Ross Pearson -vs- Aaron Riley: Coin flip time!

*flips coin*

Ok, Pearson. Probably by (T)KO…….2nd Round. Yes, I’m being lazy, what of it?

Prediction: Pearson by (T)KO 2nd Round.

Ok, let’s see how it goes! UFC 105 is coming up this Saturday, FREE ON SPIKE!

EDIT: And two things extra:

1) Go to http://www.redmattersite.com to listen to “Background Noise” which is a podcast featuring 5 guys from Halifax, Nova Scotia talking about news (whether weird, serious, of just plain hilarious) from that week. It’s NSFW though, but they do bring up some valid points here and there.

2) Please pay your respects to the vets of the two World Wars today on Remembrance Day/Veteran’s Day. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to live the lives that we have. They paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms, so pay them the respect they deserve.




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