Kimbo Gets….TUF?

1 08 2009
Pic Courtesy Of Sherdog.Com (Hey, I dont feel like getting sued, ok?)

Pic Courtesy Of Sherdog.Com (Hey, I don't feel like getting sued, ok?)

As I’m sure anyone in the MMA world has known already (and if you’ve haven’t, where have you been?), former street fighter and youtube star Kevin Ferguson aka Kimbo Slice is going to be in the next season of The Ultimate Fighter. For the people who don’t know what’s been going on, the tenth season of the show is going to include heavyweights such as former UFC fighter Wes Sims, former IFL champion Roy Nelson, and three guys that were with the NFL. The couches for this season are going to be Rashad Evans and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

Simply put, saying that this season is going to be “big” would be both a horrible pun and an understatement.

Having Kimbo Slice in this season of The Ultimate Fighter was an interesting decision in the least for the former EliteXC main eventer. Coming from being thrusted into the spotlight fighting against less than stellar fighters like James Thompson and Tank Abbott to fighting in a reality show against better competition, this is going to be quite a test for Slice. Not to mention taking a huge pay cut (from half a mill in disclosed pay in his loss to TUF alumni Seth Petruzelli, to five grand just to finish a fight during the show).

Now while he may have rubbed some MMA purists the wrong way during his tenure with EliteXC due to his street fighting past, having Kimbo in TUF 10 is a great way to show those same purists (as well as newcomers to the sport) how humble he is and how much he wants to get away from that life he used to live. Plus, he’ll get shown under a much different light rather than what guys like Gary Shaw have promoted him as (Trust me, I was just annoyed as everyone was to hear Shaw hype him as Fedor’s worst nightmare).

Will he probably win that coveted six-figure contract? Maybe. Just gotta wait until September to see how far he goes in his quest to become….THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER!

(Sorry, couldn’t resist!)




One response

3 08 2009

That’ll be interesting how Kimbo would be Ultimate fighter. I however think he might have a few bad loses. His hype was pretty much slowed down because his loss that one time.

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